Everyday life in the Philippines

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    09 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    House rules and construction sites

    Today I finally got the "House rules" by one OASIS beommen - I must know that to get any problems. Au knows (laugh) where I landed only, which are so strict as in Germany. As an example, I would like to attach a wall - or ceiling fan - but if anything should I drill deep holes no more than 1/2 inch (i.e. 1, 2 cm) and must consult with a structural engineer of Condogesellschaft before - only at…
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    08 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    Internet, computer, and teeth in the Philippines - 1 part

    Unfortunately, my apartment has still not fixed line and thus also still no DSL. Also my sky cable television isn't here yet. My landlord had commissioned both already, but so far nothing has happened.But online to go (I must care about the content of my Web page, etc.), I got the today simply 'plug it LTE stick"from the network operator brought in smart.Internetüber mobile is such a thing,…
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    06 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    The world falls apart... Or is it not?

    The Typhoon (Hagupit or Ruby) over the Philippines pulls away in the coming days (4-7 December 2014), and the foothills strip the island of Cebu.So far, it's quiet, but still very - cloudy Yes, but just normal windy over the course of the day - and a few drops of rain here in Cebu City. I was - as almost always the last days - SM shopping again today. Due to the Typhoon Warning a certain…
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    05 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    My home for the first year in Cebu

    Here I would like to imagine now my home. So I have enough time and rest, I've decided to live staff - thus I have "short routes" to the most malls and the city centre. The average costs a taxi ride around 100 peso."OneOasis" is one of the better residential here - 3 building in which I live was completed until end of 2013 4 building wude just finished when I moved.Total Philinvest wants to build…
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    05 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    Moving into the new home

    Today was my so far stressigster day, but for this I moved now finally settled in one OASIS. Made I had with the landlord that I get the keys today. As a result, I was shut at 10: 00 in the OneOasis Office. In the local office, I get Yes the "residents card", which features me compared to unskilled workers and the security as residents. You should have a passport just to start on the site always…
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    03 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    Visa matters and beauty care

    Because moving into my new apartment was a little delyed I took my time and went to the immigration office in the ' J Centre Mall "in Mandaue (Cebu) to get my 30-day turist visa extended.Because I expected crowds and the Internet tells that it one should be there before 11a.m. to get everything done the same day I was already at the Mall at 9:20 a.m.Money for the visa you get at the malls ATM -…
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    02 Dec 2014 Everyday life

    Apartment search in Cebu

    So I arrived, I made the first out on Sunday at the Mall - 1 week left now, to find an apartment.It is not advisable in General from Germany to rent something out – then pay only overpriced rental and experienced a shock when you see the Mietobjekt for the first time.There is everywhere-free living room here in Cebu, you drive around you see everywhere signs "Apartment for rent" - However you…
  • Philippinenkarte
    30 Nov 2014 Everyday life

    December 2014 - start in Cebu

    This time I'll stay there forever I had mind - and therefore must of course otherwise be planned as "only" for a holiday with end. In Germany, I had begun months before unit for sale my house - because what all take when I furnished anyway transitional living. In addition, the Philippines is not so backward that buy here not even anything there to what I need to live.So the only thing left to do…